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Anger is an emotion not a behavior

For a very long time now I’ve assisted people with their anger and aggression.  

I’ve noticed over this time that people are often unsure and confused about the difference between these two areas.  

I would like to offer some clarification if I may.   

It’s important to understand that anger is an emotion and not a behavior and aggression is a behavior not an emotion. 

Hmm would you like to read that again??

Anger is an emotion and not a behavior??

Yes that’s right… If still you’re still not convinced let me ask you something, would you agree that our emotions are feelings??

So, just like the other feelings that you experience for example love, joy or peace, anger is another one of those feelings that we all experience from time to time.

And sometimes it is for good reason.

5bf1f59f-cd1e-4324-8f6c-ef0ff06ca791Now aggression on the other hand is completely different.  

Aggression is actually a behavior which is often used against or toward other people.  

Aggression is the behavior that you may refer to when you tell your friend “that……….got really angry toward me” . 

If you were to look up some of the definitions about aggression they will mention something about feelings of anger AND violent or aggressive behavior ALL in the same sentence!!  which of course adds to the confusion between the two.    

So I hope that you can now see that there is a BIG difference between behaviors and emotions, AND that it is really important to honor your feelings of anger as you would any other emotion. 

You might now be asking “How do I do that in a way that makes me and the other person feel okay  hmmm???”

For the answer to this…  stay tuned for my next blog entry. 🙂  

Be Kind to yourself….
Jacqui Christie

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