Seasonal Spring Cleanse

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), energies which manifest as seasonal changes in our external environment are also reflected within the body, and spring presents a transitional period when our internal energies rise and expand, providing movement and growth to direct us away from the conservation and respite of the previous winter months.

This expansive energy helps to bring various elements to the surface and expel some of the body’s burden of accumulated toxins and heavy metals (from air pollution, processed foods, contact with chemicals from harsh cleaning agents, hair & makeup, etc) in preparation for the bustling pursuits of summer.

Within our emotional landscape, this emerging energy of upward growth toward the sun means sentiments and issues suppressed within will also have the opportunity to be released.

With a little preparation and mindfulness, the forces of renewal and rebirth that are synonymous with the spring season can be harnessed and aligned to greatly benefit the body, mind and spirit during a spring cleanse.

In TCM, spring is related to the wood element and to the liver and gall bladder. As such, the liver is the focus of the spring cleanse. As we detoxify the liver, however, we also need to make sure that other parts of the body – especially those involved in secretion and detoxification – are well supported.

A carefully planned and gentle detoxification program can be safe and beneficial. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can support and nourish the organs to eliminate the waste products more efficiently and safely, while speeding up the detoxification process and providing relief from stagnated emotions at the same time.

For more information on how you can benefit from a successful spring cleanse, call Dr. Chik at Acu Healthworks on 0423 128 324.

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