SPRING … the season of renewal

A special blog post share from Sarah Fletcher of  Quiet Mind Meditation

 How magical it is to watch our world slowly awakening from it slumber, to witness the quickening pulse of nature, budding of new flowers and transition to blue skies and warm perfumed breezes.

Spring is the season that naturally calls us to throw open windows, clean out cupboards, wash and pack away winter woollens, and move our body and life outside where we can fully embrace the fresh air and sunshine.  

Mother Nature is calling us to release, relinquish, cleanse and open .. body and mind.


Mindfulness Meditation can be incorporated into our daily life simply by bringing our attention, and non-judgemental awareness, to what we are doing each moment.

Spring Cleaning is a wonderful mindfulness practice as we embrace a natural desire to shake off the hibernation of winter, and open to the freshness and lightness of the new season.  By bringing a heightened awareness to the act of dusting, polishing and putting away, we practice not only clearing our living space but also clearing our mental clutter. 

1.  Set aside a specific time for this practice.  Turn off all distractions (phone, television) and gather all the equipment you might need.  Make a commitment before you start to letting go of that which no longer serves you and allowing for some clear spaces.
2.  Start by sitting quietly in a favourite chair or outside in the warm sunshine.  Allow a few minutes of just sitting with an awareness of your breath .. watching with interest your inhalation and exhalation.   Notice where your mind is, what are you feeling or thinking about in this moment? 
3.  Once you decide to begin your Spring Clean mindfulness practice, commit to engaging fully with all of your actions.  Don’t rush through any activity, or attempt something half heartedly, instead fully engage with each movement of hand, body and mind .. noticing also how your breath is linked to your activities and your thoughts.
4.  If you find thoughts or feelings distracting you, simply notice them, see if you can observe the underlying tone of them (perhaps worry, an eagerness to finish, or a moment of joy in finding and putting away something of special significance) – name your feeling or thought and then let it pass. Notice how random thoughts can interrupt our experience and our focus, and how you have the power to let them to pass simply by returning to your anchor – which is the action of cleaning!
5.  When finished, pack away all your equipment and take a seat where you can survey the scene.  Enjoy the results of your labour.  Notice the space, the sparkle and the cleanliness around you.  Can you sense a similar clarity and clearness of mind? a greater sense of ease and calmness?

“Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colours, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night”
Maria Rilke, Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke

Sarah Fletcher
Quiet Mind Meditation
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