Truth Serum

images (3)WOW!!!!

What has been going on lately??

Is there something in the water??

Have the planets misaligned??

Or is it just a backlash to the increasing pressure for us all to be happy positive upbeat etc.

As I mentioned in my Facebook post, in all of my 22 years of working with people I have never had to sit with so much disappointment, deceit, affairs and secrets being brought out into the open, it’s as if people are vomiting it up from the depths of their soul.

Now of course as a therapist, sitting with peoples discomfort is a big part of what I do, but that is not what I’m talking about.. What I’m talking about is that nearly every client who is in a relationship is revealing things to their partner that have previously never been revealed.

Some of these things have been kept secret for many, many, years and for some people it’s felt like a purging, a releasing of the everyday masks, a releasing from suppressing themselves their feelings for far too long.

Of course for their partners and for themselves this action even though releasing is also fraught with difficulty as both people then have to deal with what has been released, or let out, purged?? (depends on how you choose to see it).

039-truth-timeBut what I can say is that what has come from the release is truth and by truth I mean whatever that is to whomever.

Also great freedom from the consuming heavy burden of suppressing your feelings or your truth from the person that you have spent your life with or at least some years with.

Having the courage to say and speak the words can be scary but not as scary as what those suppressed words can turn into when you have held onto them for sooo long .

So take some Truth Serum or Courage and give yourself permission to speak Your Truth to your partner, and do it sooner rather than later, even do it now!!!

Ultimately you will give yourself and your partner the beginnings of a real, honest and truly authentic relationship ..

Be brave and know you have this ability in you….

Remember to always be kind to yourself


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