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Health and Wellbeing Program


3 week Program with Jacqui Christie

– Clinical Psychologist


What will the program cover?  

A three week course in managing anxiety and depression

  • Learning about the nature and causes of anxiety
  • The role apathy and poor motivation in depressions and ways to break the cycle
  • Making the connection between our thoughts and feelings
  • Challenging unhelpful thoughts
  • Strategies for maintaining health and vitality
  • Identify what causes anxiety and keeps it going
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Learn how thinking style can affect your anxious body sensations
  • Learning to safely confront situations to avoid
  • Maintaining your gains and staying calm and healthy

How will the program run?

The program will be held over three consecutive weeks.    Each class will run for one and a half hours and will be both interactive as well as educational material provided.  Respect, understanding and confidentiality are priority in these classes.

How much will the program cost?

  • The cost of the full program is $255.00 ($160.05 with the Medicare rebate)

Medicare Rebates Available  

When you obtain a GP referral you are entitled to 10 individual counselling sessions, as well as 10 class sessions with a psychologist per year.  We can explain if you are eligible for a Mental Health Care referral from your medical practitioner.  You could be able to recover up to 75% of the cost of counselling and classes through Medicare rebates or private health insurance.

When :    Friday 9th October 2015

Time:       10.00am to 11.30am  

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 Goddess-ence Embodiment Program


Hosted by Luanne Simmons  Goddess On Purpose


When : Every Wednesday from October 5th – November 16th  (7 weekly classes)

(October 3rd – Ceremony and Celebration one full day)

Time:   7.00pm – 10.00pm

Imagine being able to tap into your own Feminine Pleasure centers, Embrace and Harness your Graceful Power and magnetize the kind of abundance and Prosperity you have always dreamed of. Join this intimate group of soul seeking women where you will be revered and held in the ultimate safe space so that you can fully learn to express who you really know you are.  Join the Journey of The Goddess Essence Embodiment Program.


* Desire a deeper connection with your sensual, sassy, sacred self…

* Want to be able to move out of your comfort zone and experience new ways of being Goddess

* Dream of turning on your Presence so that everyone knows you are in the room

* Relish the idea of turning on the “real” you, regardless of what anyone thinks.

* Desire tools and practices that you can take into your life to help support you in all areas

* Belong to an intimate group of sisters who will share the journey with you and be your mirror.

*Want a soft space to really let go if you want to, a place of non-judgment, a place where release is welcome

*Get in touch with your own body again “survive” life.

*Breathe sparks into your relationships with self and significant others in your life.

Investment $997 Full payment – $887 early bird

$287 x 4 monthly payment plan – Total $1148



Join this intimate group with Luanne today to secure your place.

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